Results UI Overview

Options Panel

Screenshot of results panel ui.

All result pages (except participant logging) feature a left panel that displays the options for that results view. To maximize the viewable area of the results this panel can be collapsed to the left side of the screen. To expand or collapse the left panel click the arrows at the top right of the option panel.

Sortable Columns

Screenshot of results table sorting.

Most result views have sortable columns with a fixed header and 1st column. Click any column heading to sort, click a second time to sort in the opposite direction.

Results Download

Screenshot of results panel download ui.

Results can be downloaded in a .csv (comma separated values) format that is readable by Microsoft Excel and most all spreadsheet applications. Downloaded results will reflect group merging and participant filtering if applied and where applicable.

Group Merging

Screenshot of group merge ui.

Group merging is the process of standardizing groups that are misspelled or similarly named. In most cases group merging is not required for closed card sorts. To merge groups:

  1. Open the group merge dialog by clicking "Define"
  2. Select the group names that should be combined
  3. Enter a group name to combine them into
  4. Click "Merge". The chosen groups will be removed from the list and replaced by the entered merge group name.
  5. Repeat until desired groups are merged then click "Apply and Close".
  6. After group merging has been completed the merge data is stored with each card sort project and can be revised as additional participants results are captured. To apply the group merge on any result page, click the "Use Group Merge" checkbox.

Tip:To quickly find group names use the filter box at the top of the dialog. Use commas to find multiple groups. For example: To find all groups labeled "Kids, Kid, Children, Child" etc. Enter "kid,chi" into the filter box

Screenshot of group merge ui.

To unmerge a group select the merged group and click Un-Merge Selected.

All merged groups are highlighted in yellow. Hovering over the name will display a tooltip showing members of that merge group.

Merged groups are displayed in many of the results grids highlighted in yellow. For information on how group merging works with subgroups see Working with Subgroups.

Participant Filtering

Screenshot of participants filtering ui.

To view only a selection of participants choose the participants one by one with ctrl-click or in chunks by shift-click. Once desired participants are chosen click the load participants button. Loading Selected Participants with no participants selected will display all participants.

Additionally, you can exclude the results of specific participants from all results views using the 'exclude' button on the Participant Summary page.