Frequently Asked Questions

Do my participants need to download anything?

No. Simple Card Sort works entirely in your browser. Javascript must be enabled for Simple Card Sort to function properly and you must have an internet connection.

Can I download the participant results?

Yes, the data in most of the result tables can be downloaded as a .csv file - which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Can I merge result groups together?

Yes, You can standardize group names on the results page. This is the process where you select multiple groups and combine them into one. The resulting tables, and the any data you download will contain this merging. Plus, you can turn it on or off, or go back and undo. The group merge information is stored with your project, so it will dynamically update your results as more participants complete the card sort.

Are participants required to sort all cards?

It's up to you. There is a setting that allows you to set if all cards must be sorted or not.

With my subscription, how many card sorts can I run?

As many as you want. We do not restrict the number of card sort tests, or the number of participants during a subscription period.

Can I access the results after my subscription has ended?

Yes. After your subscription has ended you can login to your account and view the results of any of your projects. You cannot create or edit projects without a subscription, and participants cannot perform your card sort without your subscription being active.