Card Sort Settings

Project Name

The project name is for your purposes only - to identify the card sort uniquely. It is not shown to the participants at any time.


Enter the list of items that you want to sort - one item per line. To add a descriptive tool tips to a card use the "|" pipe (aka vertical line) followed by the text you want in the tool tip. Example: "My Card Name | My Card Description"

TIP: If you use Microsoft Excel to create your card list, use a separate column for your descriptions. Then copy / paste into the card text area and you will be prompted to automatically add the "|" pipe.

Card Sort Type

Open Card Sort: Allow the participant to decide the number and names of the groups. This sort type allows you to discover naming trends of your participants, or possibly different naming by different user types.

Closed Sort: You fix the group names and the participant only has to determine which group to place the cards into.

Hybrid Card Sort:The hybrid sort allows you to default the sort with your chosen groups but then allows the participant to rename, add or delete groups.


Subgroups are groups within groups. For a complete description of subgroups see the help topic working with subgroups.


Determines the depth of the subgroup hierarchy that is allowed. One level is equal to a subgroup within a parent group. Simple Card Sort allows up to five subgroup levels.


In a closed or hybrid card sort, this is where you enter your group names - one group name per line.
To describe subgroups use dashes. Example:
--Sub Sub group


Gives users the ability to position cards within a group. Card position is captured and shown in several of the result pages.

Allow Card Sort Submission

This setting allows you set whether all cards are required to be sorted before submission.

Participant Identifier

Determines the piece of information each participant is asked when beginning the card sort. This identifier will show up in your project results. Options are email or name. To have your participants skip this step you can create unique URL's for each participant. See the help section Engaging Participants for details.

Card Display Order

Sets the order that the cards appear in the list for participants. Options include random, alphabetical and as entered.

After sort submission

This setting allows you to set the web page that the user will go to after completion. If a custom URL is entered, the user will not be taken to the thank you page.

Participant Comments

Participants may leave comments for you at any time by clicking the the "Leave a Message" link at the top of the page. This settings allows you to have the dialog automatically appear after the user has submitted their card sort - possibly prompting more feedback.


This PRO feature allows you to enter a URL to an image that will replace the Simple Card Sort logo during the card sort. Custom logos should be no larger than 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high and be .gif or .jpg format.

Welcome Text

Welcome text appears at the very start of the card sort. Before the user has entered their identifier, or seen the instructions. Leaving the field blank will disable the welcome message.

Instructional Text

Instructional text automatically appears before the card sort begins or when the user clicks the 'Instructions' link. It contains the input box for the user to enter their Name or Email. A set of default instructions is provided that you can customize to suit your needs.

Thank You Text

Thank you text appears after the participant has completed the card sort. This field and the thank you page only appear if the "After sort submission" setting is set to "Go to Thank You Page"