Card Sorting Tool Comparison
card sorting illustration

Card sorting is a powerful method that can help you understand how users perceive and categorize information. But ohhh boy, there are a lot of tools to choose from. We've compiled a comprehensive comparison table of the card sorting tools available today. Whether you're a seasoned UX professional or just getting started, our goal is to help you make an informed decision about the right tool for your needs.

Why Do Card Sorting At All?

Before diving into the comparison table, let's briefly discuss why card sorting is a valuable technique for UX research:

Dive deep with these books

While there are a plethora of online tools to help you execute the card sort, understanding information-architecture and it's nuance goes a lot deeper. Interested in becoming a master? These books are a perfect place to start.

Our Comparison Table

Our comparison table provides an in-depth analysis of the leading card sorting tools across dozens of dimensions.
Note: Information shown is from the lowest paid tier when multiple tiers are available. Blank spaces are still being investigated.

Information for our comparison was taken from the websites of each of the companies. If any information is mis-represented please contact us.

Making Your Decision

Choosing the right card sorting tool is a critical step in your UX research journey. To make an informed decision, consider your specific research goals, team collaboration requirements, and budget constraints. Our comparison table offers a comprehensive overview to help you weigh your options and select the tool that best fits your needs.